The best kept secret in injectables…

The best kept secret in injectables…

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What is my current favourite injection? That is such a loaded question. Each injection has its moment in time to shine. My favourite injection in any given moment is the one that will fulfill my client’s need in the most effective way. That is why I strive to master my craft with countless certificates and expert conversation as often as I can get it.


The question I can answer, is what is the best kept secret in injectables? My answer is that injections planned with a long-term set of steps, give the most natural results. Even the greatest lip injection results aren’t achieved in one sitting. The track I am on, meaning the philosophy that drives my style of injecting, is that a more European approach is most desirable. The approach that focuses on improving skin quality and restoration, without looking “overdone” is where I feel in my zone.


I often reflect on why so many people meet me for the first time in a consultation and tell me they don’t want to look like someone else, that their biggest fear is doing too much or looking like a monster. So why are people afraid of this? Well, first because they should be. Secondly, there are so many examples of where this has happened. In our western culture, we are surrounded by ideals of immediate gratification and limitless acquisition of anything you put your mind to. I think the same thing applies to cosmetic injectables and many have fallen victim to the distortion this causes in our minds, resulting in an undesirable look. Filling up lips and cheeks to the point of bursting may be a result of having too much filler at once or from a feeling that more is more. But often, less is more…just to the point of where a stranger says “did they, or didn’t they have something done? Maybe they are born with it?” Maybe it’s Nurse Chelsey! The best kept secret, is the secret we help you keep.


Good things come to those who wait, so I wonder why I don’t see more injectors discussing the long-term game plans. What is wrong with making treatment plans that are spread out over six months, or even two years? This will achieve the result slowly and with budget in mind. This is more like sculpting than building, which is my way of doing things. And this…this is what I wrote everything previous in order to say…so if you made it this far in my letter, good for you! You get the good stuff…


Introducing…skin injectables. Skin injectables are a series of treatments, placed in a perfect plane of the skin. They are micro-droplets of a special injectable (there are many types) that feeds your skin over a long period of time. The results from this are not instant, but so worth the wait. Hundreds of tiny droplets of an injectable mixture sit in the skin, feeding it nutrients, encouraging collagen, plumping, boosting, collecting water and voila, after a few weeks, you see the results of your skin absorbing all of this good stuff. Then you repeat this treatment again 2 times within 6 months and then maintain it as needed after that, perhaps once per year, or every 6 months. But what hits social media and tabloids? Absolutely everything else but skin injectables.


Now, I cannot talk brands or conditions (for public protection from direct-to-consumer advertising laws). So, I talk philosophies and I can stand behind the long-term approach. And from my discussions with my clients, so can they. Most people are looking for a treatment plan anyways, even if they do not know it is called that. Think about skin injectables…bettering your skin. What is that good for? Think about the things that have destroyed your skin. Scarring, aging and dehydration to name a few. Replacing micro-volume, nutrients and hydration has the ability to fill in the scarring, divets, fine lines and replenish water in the skin. All of these items are not a target of any one filler or neuromodulator. The long-term approach with skin injectables is the way to go.


Our mantra at The Cosmetic Clinic is changing the standard of cosmetic science. This is a big job; a really big job, but we are up for the challenge. I am from a stream of new injectors, the one based on art, science and safety, not “beauty rules”. Our clients will eventually demand the approach we offer, slowly changing the cosmetic science landscape to adhere to what the clients are educated about. Sound good? We got you. Don’t forget virtual consults are here to stay. Book yours now and we can chat about skin injectables!


Nurse Chelsey