Hair Regrowth Solutions

Hair Regrowth Solutions ​

The most effective treatment for hair loss.

This treatment involves drawing the client’s own blood and extracting the platelet layer. The platelet layer is re-injected into areas of hair loss, usually the scalp. It has been described as feeling like ‘little scratches’ when being re-injected. The proteins found in the highly concentrated platelet layer stimulate or ‘wake up’ the hair producing cells that have gotten tired. Along with rejuvenating skin and hair, these platelets increase the viability of the hair follicle and improve their survival rate. Even more exciting; your body will not reject this solution because it is made with your own cells and contains your own bio-markers!

The bad news? It does not work on completely balding persons. There must be some existing hair in the area of concern, indicating there is the potential for surrounding cells to produce hair. Treatments are typically done once per month for 3 months and then maintained once every 6-12 months thereafter. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for this treatment! Please note this treatment is for men and women who are experience hair thinning or balding. As with any cosmetic injection, risks are possible. Book your free consult today.

Duration: 1 Hour

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