The Cosmetic Clinic

The Cosmetic Clinic​

The Cosmetic Clinic was founded in 2019 by Chelsey Brown, on the philosophy that natural beauty can be restored and enhanced through medically approved, safe, effective and modern technologies and techniques. We are obsessed with anotomy and the combination of art science and beauty. We pride ourselves on our detailed approach leaving our patient with effortlessly beautiful and natural results. Never obvious, exaggerated or over done. You can expect a balanced, fresh and revitalized beautiful face, skin & body. 


We currently have 2 locations including our headquarters Ottawa and a second location in North Bay, Chelsey’s hometown. Stay tuned for our 3rd location coming in June in Port Elgin.

We encompass holistic cosmetic and medical aesthetics and we pride ourselves on our service offerings as they are selected carefully based on approval of our medical governing factions, effectiveness and innovation as well our deep understanding of our patient needs. 

We work with the most advanced devices, protocols and product offerings available. From injectables, to lasers, biostimulants and so much more, we continue to strive to go above and beyond.


Preserving our patient’s natural beauty, enhancing their features, having them feeling like themselves again, empowering and uplifting our patients.This is what we do every single day, and why we love what we do.


Here at the Cosmetic Clinic, our values include integrity, safety and excellence. We continue to educate ourselves to maintain and be the leading example for the beauty industry.