Chelsey is the founder of Nurse Chelsey, The Cosmetic Clinic.

From a young age, Chelsey had a passion for art and beauty.

In high school, she took on a major in art at the arts high school in her hometown. Her love for art, beauty and science grew together very organically as she continued to pursue each discipline. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology, with honours. This built her fundamental knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the human body. Chelsey then pursued her own cosmetic artistry business after becoming educated by some of the industry’s leading skin and cosmetic companies. After doing that, she completed another bachelor’s degree in Registered Nursing. During this time, she maintained her cosmetic business and even attended the Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass in New York City. Completing her nursing degree in a cosmetic surgery facility, Chelsey then became certified in neuromodulator and filler injections in Barrie, Ontario. She obtained even further certification in advanced neuromodulator and dermal filler injections in Toronto, Ontario.

Chelsey is committed to cosmetic injecting with her strong understanding of biology, beauty, pharmaceuticals and safe nursing work. She marries this knowledge with a precise eye for facial harmony, exceptional communication skills and a warm and caring attitude. Chelsey was determined to pursue Cosmetic Nursing and continues to be committed to be a leader and innovator in the industry. She maintains that confidence and kindness are the greatest achievements in beauty. She looks forward to meeting you to help you with all your beauty needs.
Ashley is The Cosmetic Clinic’s assistant/receptionist. Ashley is a very dedicated woman who is always positive. She will be the warm smiling face welcoming you to the clinic when you come in for your appointment.

Born in the Ottawa Valley, but now living in Stittsville, Ashley enjoys education in legal affairs. She has taken courses in Policing and has dove into the company’s policy procurement. She is responsible for safeguarding all client information and takes that very seriously. You can feel safe knowing all staff at The Cosmetic Clinic protect your privacy, no matter what their role is.

Ashley is also a mother of three beautiful children. She enjoys teaching her children and filling their lives with knowledge and adventure. For herself, Ashley is always reading different genres. Ask her about her latest read, she always has one! She also very much enjoys her early morning workout regimens and challenging herself continuously.

Ashley is an important part of The Cosmetic Clinic’s success and growth and continues to help destroy boundaries with her challenge seeking attitude.
Alex came to The Cosmetic Clinic through pure organic interest in helping us promote our brand. After the first conversation with Alex about wanting to help make Nurse Chelsey’s vision come alive, it was obvious that he needed to be a part of the team.

Alex’s major career interests are marketing and business. Alex attends Laurentian University where he is taking his learning next level, with forward thinking and highly potential marketing all while using The Cosmetic Clinic as his vocation to put vision into action.

Alex is kind, trusting and very positive. He loves sports, food and really loves traveling. He is very motivated and energetic and is an amazing addition to our quickly growing team! You will see Alex on our social media platforms and he will be behind the scenes on almost everything you will see from outside The Clinic.