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Free Skincare Checklist

Your skincare checklist. Identifying what you may be missing from your skin routine and why:

I wanted to supply my clients with some free information they could really use to help their currently stressed out skin and to be more educated on skincare. So I spent two weeks putting this together for you. Enjoy!

Answer the following questions. If you say "no" to any of the questions, read below to find out why this may be a cause for concern in your skincare routine.

Are you "power" exfoliating once per week?

What we mean by "power exfoliating" is to use an exfoliant that truly helps the follicle shed the dead layers of skin. This means it weakens the bond between the dead skin and the healthy skin underneath. An example of this is an enzyme peel, such as AlumierMD enzymatic peel. This should only be used once per week as excessive exfoliation is a detriment to a healthy skin barrier. We want you to shed just enough skin to signal the healthy skin underneath to provide new glowing skin cells. Exfoliating too much will weaken your skin's immune function and cause more harm. Balance is key.

Are you soft exfoliating twice per week?

This type of exfoliation is a physical exfoliation, using natural microbeads to help sweep away the loose skin cells that are ready to exit the skin's surface. This is helpful to reduce dull skin, adding to your glow. This is also helpful for those "power exfoliators" to help physically remove what has been chemically detached. The AlumierMD option for this is the lovely and luxurious Lotus Scrub.

Are you over-using acne products?

A very common misconception is that using many acne products when you have acne is the best solution. The truth is that using a cleanser, serum, moisturizer and treatment cream that all have acne fighting ingredients in them, is the worst thing you can do for acne prone skin. You should be using a cleanser and moisturizer appropriate for your skin type and then a treatment like a targeted serum or spot treatment for the actual acne. Why? Acne targeting products contain ingredients that dry up oils in your skin. However, if you use too many, then the oil production actually ramps up and you have a perfect platform for acne to take over and get worse! Use AlumierMD Acne Balancing Serum that has acne bacteria power ingredients that really truly work and a moisturizer and cleanser that are non-comedogenic like the Purifying Gel Cleanser and Hydradew Moisturizer.

Are you resting your skin from makeup?

It is no secret that resting your skin is healthy. Having days where you do not wear makeup allows the skin to breathe and everyone should be practicing this while we are not going out into public as much. When there are no restrictions on public appearances, resting your skin on evenings and weekends will be important. For those of you looking to maximize time away from makeup, consider that your AlumierMD cleanser has ingredients that help pull that makeup out of your skin, not just smear it around.

Are you moisturizing every day?

The more moisture you provide your skin, the healthier it is going to be. If we look around the world, the most youthful looking genetics have oily skin. That is the skin's natural moisture mechanism. We must moisturize every day, twice a day or after any time you wash your face, neck, decollete etc.

Are you addressing your main concern?

Your skin is never going to change if you do no help it. You have to be reaching for products that address your top skin concern. Figure out what that concern is and get in touch for a skin assessment or consult. We will set you up with the right products for your skin concerns.

Are you using a targeted serum?

Consider a targeted serum as your skin medication. The highest priority skin concerns you have, are managed through a targeted serum. For example, the most common skin concerns people have are acne and rosacea. You must select a serum that addresses those concerns because they go deepest in the skin and have the highest level of ingredients that tackle the molecular issues. A moisturizer is not the solution to major skin concerns. You have to commit to several cell cycles and let the medication change the components of your skin. Acne and rosacea prone clients are the most skeptical about skincare products, and for good reason! Stick through with your Alumier targeted serum to get the gains you are hoping for.

Are you applying vitamin C 15% on your skin at least 5x per week?

The proper version of vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) in an optimal concentration (15%) is a significant element in the removal of damaging free radicals to your skin as well as a signaling agent to the production of your natural collagen. Vitamin C remains the only antioxidant that can signal for collagen production. In today's environment, we are exposed to so many aging factors including our gadget screens, pollution, sun and the way we eat, the list goes on... We must be providing our skin this backup to combat these factors. Please be advised that there are many products that state they have vitamin C in them, however please be skeptical of the concentration, delivery system and version of vitamin C they have added. AlumierMD Everactive C&E + peptides is your guaranteed way to remove that skepticism.

Are you wearing sunscreen every day?

Most people do not realize there are different types of sunscreens. There are chemical and physical blocking agents. Chemical blockers go into the skin and cause a reaction that does not allow the UV to do what it would normally do. However, this reaction is showing to not be healthy to your skin and can even be cancer causing. Physical blocking agents provide a barrier on top of the skin to block the UV rays and then removed when washed off. This is the type you want. Here is what I know, nobody likes sun damage. We want to get rid of it. So let's prevent it. I also know many people do not like wearing sunscreen, so AlumierMD has created a type of sunscreen for every skin type. This way, we can enjoy putting it on and love the look of it. Oily? Go with Moisture Matte and select your tint. More on the dry side? Go with Sheer Hydration in untinted or versatile tint and enjoy the grease-less dew all day long. It feels great and I almost consider it makeup, only because I love the way it makes my skin look. Finally, wear a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic meaning it will not cause you to break out.

Are you cleansing after detoxing?

There are several ways we detox the skin. One I can think of is sweating. Sweating is a great workout for the follicle but after we sweat a lot, that debris is just sitting ontop of the skin. Perhaps it wants to create problems and infection, perhaps it wants to cover pores that want to breath. Using retinol at night is also a way we detox our skin while we sleep. Perhaps you are a regular at the sauna. No matter what way you are detoxing, ensure you are washing your face with a healthy cleanser for your skin after detoxification.

Are you hydrating with fluids (water)?

Ok. Getting scientific here. The plump look everyone loves is from natural collagen. A component of collagen is hyaluronic acid (HA). HA has many claims to fame. The one important for this topic is that it can hold more than 10x it's weight in water. It LOVES water. When we provide the HA in our skin with water, our skin plumps out. So we must be hydrating in order to provide the water it needs to give us our best looking skin. Many of our skin care products also do a better job when there is water there available to be used. Please also consider this: when our skin is dehydrated, so are our organs and blood. Hydrate for your best skin and health. Period.

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