Say goodbye to the frozen face

Ottawa skin
July 3, 2019
Be Informed
November 12, 2019

Clients often ask, “will my face look like I am frozen and cannot move?” The answer is, that is not what we want.

Frozen face comes from being over-injected. The Nurse Chelsey method is to find the sweet spot, to get rid of the dynamic lines or diminish static lines with the least amount of neuromodulator. Movement is important for expression and looking like yourself. Yes, facial movement will be decreased but we do not want movement completely gone. In fact, the muscles we target for neuromodulator are generally the muscles that when overused, create lines that make us look cross or upset. Losing movement in those areas make us look happier. Nobody will ever say to you, “you look less angry now, did you do something to your skin?” But they might notice you aren’t expressive at all. Therefore, a happy balance is important.

Celebrities generally set the stage for what is trending in skin care. Neuromodulators are not a trend; they are here to stay, but we have figured out that there is value in balance. Think about a celebrity that you think looks great. I would bet it is not someone who gets the maximum amount of ‘work done’. Now think of someone who you have noticed has had an excessive amount of change in their expression. I would also bet you do not consider that attractive. The point is, the way we inject is not the way we used to. It is important to question your injector on their thoughts about this. Hopefully they are of the new school of thought, frozen face is out.