I was thinking of what you are going through again…

I was thinking of what you are going through again…

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One of the major themes from the past two weeks is that everyone is looking at themselves in the mirror far more often. Not only that, we are analyzing our skin longer in one sitting also. It is not only those that have the extra time on their hands either. Those still going to work are analyzing and thinking of their appearance because they still go out into public but cannot get their hair done, eyelash extensions refilled, facials, nails…the list goes on. We are all being overly critical of ourselves in this newness.


A goal of mine is to help people attach new emotions to the word vanity. The example I always give is that most women 100 years ago did not drive. Those that did had money and perceived as having excessive pride in their achievements, but now look at us! Owning and driving a car is not primarily about flexing our financial status anymore, it is a tool or common luxury most of us have access to. I consider cosmetic injectables the same way. If you are curious about the science, chances are you are going to indulge. It is not about vanity; it is about what you want to discover for yourself in your lifetime and the access you have to those discoveries.


Well what the heck happened? We lost a lot of access recently, including to my services. So, we must go back to the basics and re-discover what we do have access to. With the advent of the internet, knowledge is something that not even a pandemic can deny. Filtering the information is not easy however, but is necessary. I can help your skin concerns with my knowledge and my no-bull-s*it-no-false-retail-promise mandate. I want to tell you that how you feel is ok. We cannot un-know what we know about how our skin can look. I am here to be your trusted liaison to your best skin during this time – and forever.


What are you noticing during those long visits to the mirror? Are your lines coming back? Is your skin dull or annoyed due to stress? Have you got time right now to do something about this at home? Yes, yes and yes!!! First though, some honesty. There is nothing that will completely replace neuromodulators or dermal fillers for lines and wrinkles. There is a reason they are highly sought after; their efficacy is unrivaled. However, there is great help out there. You must believe in the fundamentals of skin science. Please exfoliate. Often. Period.This simple skin care step is the most forgotten about. This step should not be underestimated. We all have dead skin, some more than others. The stronger and thicker the dead skin barrier, the more we harbor impurities, debris, bacteria, and pollution. The longer they are present, the more opportunity there is to react to them, creating infection like pimples or irritation.


What’s more? The thicker the dead skin, the deeper lines and wrinkles appear and the larger your pores stretch to accommodate the previously mentioned debris. When the dead skin layer sloughs off through exfoliation, the basal layer of skin (where new cells are created) receive a signal to produce new skin cells. With fewer dead cells present, the more new cells are created. This is the basis of a chemical peel, and youthful looking skin in general. New cells mean new collagen, new keratin, new nutrients, new everything! This is what you want at the skin surface (and more of it), showing off greater bounce, shine and youthfulness.


Always exfoliate with a physical scrub a few times a week (I use Lotus Scrub from AlumierMD) but right now isolation, I reach for the social media crazed Enzyme Peel (also AlumierMD) and I use it 3 times per week. After your nightly cleanse, simply rub a layer onto your skin and leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse with warm water. Follow with your normal skin cream. If you have not tried this enzyme peel, do your skin the biggest favour and get some. It is isolation proof. That is not all though, there is another hero product! The AlumierMD Bright and Clear Solution is phenomenal. This one is left on the skin, allowing it to act as a treatment and a cellular exfoliant. It has several ingredients that work all day to cleave dead skin. As part of its treatment, it contains vitamin C to tackle free radicals and arnica to soothe the skin. And the cherry on the top, you can use the Bright and Clear solution every day PLUS an additional exfoliant at night like the Lotus Scrub a few times a week. This duo (Bright and Clear + another exfoliator) is the best option for optimal exfoliation, which is what we all need currently.


Please message me for how we can ship one or all these products to you with free shipping always right to your door. AlumierMD.ca has partnered with The Cosmetic Clinic to make your online shopping for skincare seamless. You must be a client who has sought our medical opinion to purchase, AlumierMD has tight selling regulations for medical grade products.


You are not alone with looking in the mirror 100 extra times per week. You are also not alone that you forgot about exfoliating. Looking back on the last time I was unsatisfied with how my skin looked, I came to the same conclusion. “Chels, you have not exfoliated in months!” Then I got back on track and instantly remembered how my skin shines right after exfoliating, how much better my products absorb into my skin and how much better my makeup looks after exfoliating (even just once!) Do not underestimate your best skin tool during this pandemic. Exfoliate!


More great skin tips coming soon…


Nurse Chelsey