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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the most effective treatment for hair loss.

This treatment involves drawing the client’s own blood and extracting the platelet layer. The platelet layer is re-injected into areas of hair loss, usually the scalp. It has been described as feeling like ‘little scratches’ when being re-injected. The proteins found in the highly concentrated platelet layer stimulate or ‘wake up’ the hair producing cells that have gotten tired. Along with rejuvenating and reconstructing skin and hair, these platelets increase the viability of the hair follicle and improve their survival rate. Even more exciting; your body will not reject this solution because it is made with your own cells and contains your own bio-markers!

The bad news? It does not work on completely balding persons. There must be some existing hair in the area of concern, indicating there is the potential for surrounding cells to produce hair. Treatments are typically done once per month for 3 months and then maintained once every 6-12 months thereafter. Schedule a complimentary consultation to ask about the results you could have! Please note this treatment is also done for women who are experience hair thinning or balding.

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Fighting the Skin’s Signs of Aging

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Aging is a normal process. It is generally identified as wrinkles. How old we look, however, often does not reflect our actual age.

Amount of time spent in the sun, lifestyles, careers, genetics and general stress can also make us look older than we feel. This is especially true for men.

What is a wrinkle? Our skin adheres to the small muscles on our face. When we use our facial muscles, it pulls the skin along with it. Over time, as we use our facial muscles more, small folds will appear as the skin retains a ‘memory’ for where to bend and fold. These are called dynamic lines, and they go away when you rest that muscle. As we use these muscles even more, the folds become permanent, even when the underlying facial muscles are at rest. These permanent folds are called static lines and they are much more difficult to get rid of. Therefore, maintaining early lines is a great idea, it will prevent them from becoming permanent.

There is a simple and effective solution! Neuromodulators are injected directly under the skin and impart their properties into the underlying muscles. There are several brands of neuromodulator available. We may use any of them in our clinic depending on our preference for your needs.

What if I decide to stop using neuromodulators? No problem. Normal lines will resume after the neuromodulators wear off. Results typically last between 3 and 4 months. Back to deep folds. Like previously mentioned, permanent folds can be a result of the fascial muscles you use. However, folds can also be a result of underlying changes such as loss of fat in the face or disfigurement. Depending on their location, these can be targeted using fillers.

Essentially, filler is placed under the skin to add volume back that has been lost, therefore ‘filling in’ wrinkles. Fillers are made using hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring component of connective tissue already found in our bodies. Results from HA fillers typically last 9-12 months or more depending on the type used.

Perhaps we have not covered a cosmetic concern you may have. Schedule a complimentary consultation to ask about the results you could have!


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