The Cosmetic Clinic Barrhaven
Say goodbye to the frozen face
July 4, 2019

Brotox is the idea that men get Botox®

As a gendered culture, environment over time shapes how we accept norms and the change of norms. With regards to cosmetic, or anti-aging procedures, women have been stronger influencers of cultural acceptance. Men are still working toward it. However, I can tell you men definitely get Botox®!

There is a lot to consider. First, men do not generally talk about their appearance. Which is not a problem. But men do want to know about Botox®, aka Neuromodulators. The first thing for guys out there to know is that Neuromodulators are not injected in men in the same way it is in women. Injectors alter the placement and dosage to maintain a masculine look. The truth is, some men’s lines are perceived as masculine and distinguished. So, we do not get rid of them completely. However, deep and numerous lines take away from the masculine nature and create an aged person. Therefore, balance is key, and we can provide that for you.

It is also important to note there is a difference between Neuromodulators and Filler. Men do not generally ask for the results filler gives. We mainly use neuromodulator to relax excessively used muscles that over time create wrinkles. By using neuromodulators regularly (about every 4 months), we can prevent further lines from forming or diminish current lines. Individual desire is everything. Do you have a few lines that bother you? Has your face changed more than you had hoped? Have you lost features that you used to like? If the answer is yes to any of these, Brotox may be the answer. You can come in for a completely confidential appointment, receive your neuromodulator and nobody has to know.