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July 4, 2019
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February 7, 2020

Did you know that for a nurse or doctor to inject any type of cosmetic injectable, you the client, must provide consent?

I want you to know that the nurse-client relationship should always be collaborative. The nurse imparts knowledge based on personal, ethical, evidential and aesthetic knowledge and combines it with client needs. Once needs are assessed and a plan is put into place, the client must consent to the plan. For example, if a client comes in with “number 11” lines between the brows, the nurse may plan to inject neuromodulator under the skin, but the client must first be consulted by a physician and provide written consent before the treatment can proceed. The choice is in the hands of the client.

Providing choice means there are specific steps for the nurse to take. To provide choice, the nurse must provide information. This information in Canada, is the knowledge of potential risks, any alternatives and answer any questions the client may have. This information is a client’s right. Without going through this process, the injector is not acquiring proper consent. Consent must be genuine and voluntary toward a procedure that is not illegal. The injector must be authorized and certified to do the treatment. The client must have legal capacity to consent, have necessary mental capacity to consent and they must be informed.

Nurses and doctors are qualified to provide aesthetic services because injecting substances and injecting below the dermis are considered controlled acts. They are controlled under Canadian legislation and are protected by our licenses. Performing these acts involve some element of risk and therefore require judgement and skill and the knowledge to take care of any outcome. It is important to know your injector is licensed, certified in cosmetic injectables and that they must provide you with information and the opportunity to consent.

This is all part of safety and providing quality of care. As aesthetic nurses, we must value nursing code and provide the same care as though we were working in any other nursing field. At The Cosmetic Clinic, we vow to uphold the standard of care and build a community of nurse injectors that enhance quality of client care in the aesthetic field. Be informed.